"splendor-blockchain-miner" is damaged and can’t be opened in MacOs

If you found this issue downloading splendor desktop app for MacOs and looks like this:

Option 1

Steps to solve this issue:

  1. Open the system preferences

  1. Click on "Security & Privacy"

  1. The warning message will reappear. To proceed with opening the app, click on Open.

By doing this, the app will be registered as a trusted exception in your security settings. This allows you to effortlessly launch it with a simple double-click, just as you would with any other fully authorized application

  • If the system prompts you to open the app in Finder and you want to open it despite the warning, press the Control key and click on the app, select Open from the menu, and then click Open in the dialog box that appears. Enter your administrator name and password to open the app

Changing the security settings of an app on a Mac

  1. In System Settings, click on Privacy and Security. Then, scroll down to Security.

  2. Under 'Allow apps downloaded from', select an option:*

    1. App Store: Allows only apps that have been downloaded from the App Store.

    2. App Store and identified developers: Allows apps downloaded from the App Store and those identified by Apple as trusted developers.

  • This setting may not be available if the Mac is managed by a system administrator or an IT department."

Solution 2

If the first solution did not work. Try the following instructions:

  1. Press "command" + "space"

Should appear the terminal like this:

  1. Write in the terminal the following command:

sudo spctl --master-disable

And gonna ask you the password. Write the same password that you use in your LogIn to your MacOs.

  1. Got to your Finder, and then to Applications

If you downloaded Splendor Desktop App, you gonna find the app here:

  1. Go back to your terminal and write the following command:

xattr -cr

Do not execute this command until step 5

In this step, you shoul be here:

  1. Move the application to the terminal:

Your terminal would looks like this:

xattr -cr /Applications/splendor-blockchain-miner.app

Click enter

  1. And click on to splendor desktop app

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